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10 June 2021

Hooray, we’re getting a little one… Tuesday, 15 June – Birth Apollo Jr. Breathing Air Trolley

VTN APOLLO jr. breathing air trolley

Compact, robust mobile breathing air trolley for multifunctional use

It’s the APOLLO’s little brother, but it’s like nothing else in its class: the mobile VTN APOLLO jr. breathing air trolley. This breathing air trolley is compact, robust, and virtually maintenance-free. In short: it is ideal for anyone who uses breathing air trolleys.

 The VTN APOLLO jr. can be used in a broad range of situations. This mobile breathing air trolley is ideal for any situation that requires a short deployment of breathing air, such as maintenance in production environments or cleaning confined spaces, such as tanks, cellars, etc.: anywhere you need an independent source of breathing air. Its compact dimensions and light weight make the VTN APOLLO jr. easy to transport.

In comparison with many other breathing air trolleys and units, the VTN APOLLO jr.’s breathing air cylinders are secured with cylinder straps (instead of chains, for example). The advantage of this is that breathing air cylinders with various diameters are suitable for the VTN APOLLO jr.

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