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In addition to manufacturing and supplying high quality personal protective equipment,? Is the quality of our service and thereby that of our employees is very important in? Our organization.

VTN also offers a fully private mobile service in the Netherlands and also several well-equipped service workshops to carry out repairs and maintenance among other portable gas detection, breathing apparatus, as well as diving and chemical protection suits of Life Support Units.

In addition, our technicians on location of the end user also performed preventive maintenance and repairs to include compressors, compressed air systems, portable and stationary gas detection, but also breathing air trolleys.


All equipment needs service. And especially when it comes to personal safety. However, material can not be used in maintenance. It is for you as a customer so important that the time for maintenance is limited, and that maintenance is carried out at the best possible moment. In consultation with VTN will therefore strive for optimal planning and minimal disruption, so as to ensure the continuity of your business stays. Specific requirements, we will, of course always try to fit in.

Learn more about VTN Service? Ask your question via email. Of course, short service-related questions can always be quickly answered by us by phone.


Many safety equipment should be periodically inspected, calibrated and / or certified. VTN by all its suppliers qualified to carry out this work independently. And subsequently any repairs can often be achieved directly and without the intervention of the manufacturer. Thus VTN example by Ansell fully authorized to do all common repairs on gas, chemicals and diving suits.

If the product repair is a gas or chemical resistant: to protect our personnel, it is necessary that all equipment and / or components and accessories are free of biological, chemical or radioacieve contamination. We can only accept products and / or components and accessories:
– Wholly cleaned and disinfected
– Free of all visible pollution
– Are provided below decontamination declaration, completed and signed by an authorized person.

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